The Nesting Planner

There's so much to do before your baby's arrival! Plan for your bundle of joy with less stress and more confidence. 
Discover the Joy of Nesting.

The only pregnancy resource you will need


Never miss a beat with checklists, tables, planning spaces and a place to keep all important information.


This planner is designed to prepare you in every way so not a single detail will go unanswered. 


The most comprehensive way to plan for baby from guides to cheat sheets so you can enjoy nesting.

Which nesting planner is perfect for me?

Bump Smart Nesting Planner

1st or 2nd Trimester Mamas


  • Planning Baby Parties
  • Building Your Registry 
  • Designing Your Nursery 
  • All of Nest Smart 
  • All of Birth Smart 
  • All of Nurse Smart 

Nest Smart Nesting Planner

3rd Trimester Mamas


  • Choosing Support People
  • Becoming New Parents
  • All of Birth Smart 
  • All of Nurse Smart

Birth Smart Nesting Planner

End of 3rd Trimester Mamas


  • Preparing for Birth
  • Developing a Birth Plan
  • All of Nurse Smart 

Nurse Smart Handbook

Expecting or New Mamas


  • Easy to Read Guides
  • Essentials to Succeeding
  • Trackers to Troubleshoot 


nurse and mama of 2

As a mom of two, I can attest to the fact that during pregnancy your mind is all over the place when it comes to trying to get ready before birth.  I wanted to be completely organized and calm, but I never felt like I was getting everything I needed done.  If only I had the Nesting Planner! 

The extensive checklists tell you exactly what to accomplish in each month of pregnancy.  You’re provided with every worksheet and planning guide you need to get each checklist item done too!  This would have done an amazing job at keeping me on track and could have erased every doubt I had about forgetting an essential step in preparing.

The addition of the Breastfeeding Handbook to the Nesting Planner makes every version of this planner even better!  The handbook is like bringing the nurse or lactation consultant home with you, an invaluable instrument to help you have a successful breastfeeding journey.

I will definitely be using this planner and breastfeeding guide if we are blessed with baby #3, because when baby #2 arrived I was surprised with how much I forgot!

Every Expecting Mama NEEDS this Planner!

Pregnancy is a beautiful and exciting time in life.  There’s nothing better than the journey towards motherhood, but there’s also a lot to plan and do before bringing your baby home.

Nesting is an important part of pregnancy; your life is about to change so much!  The question is, Could there be a way to channel these inner desires in a more productive, or even logical way?

YES! With the Nesting Planner, that’s exactly what you’ll have.

With a variety of checklists and planning worksheets, you’ll have organization and know you’re accomplishing everything you need to in an effective and timely manner.  This all means a more peaceful birth and homecoming with your new bundle of joy.

Give yourself the gift of nesting structure and have fun preparing absolutely everything for your baby’s arrival.  A stress-free transition into motherhood is waiting for you.

Find the perfect planner option for you right now!


Expectant Mama August 2018

As a first time mom I was feeling so overwhelmed trying to get everything ready and prepared before having my baby.  I honestly didn’t even know what I needed to do, let alone when to do it.  The checklists in the Nesting Planner that are organized by trimester have been an absolute game-changer for easing my anxiety before baby.

My husband and I are also feeling more confident and preparing together because of the extensive section dedicated to preparing to be new parents.  I had no idea how to get my husband excited and prepared before this.

Without the Nesting Planner, I would have been totally lost when it came to nesting. Thank you so much, Alli and Trina! You truly thought of everything to have me feeling totally prepared and at ease.


How will I manage to complete everything in the Nesting Planner?

Each version of the Nesting Planner has a unique section of checklists to keep you on track at every step of the way.  The timelines will act as your overarching roadmap towards getting everything done before baby arrives.

What will I need to prepare outside of everything in this planner?

Nothing! As experienced moms, we’re sure we’ve thought of everything.  Just choose the version that best fits your needs and you’ll know every base is covered.

What if I already made my registry or had my baby shower, is this still for me?

That’s why we offer three unique versions of the Nesting Planner. Check out what each option has to offer. We know you what will find exactly what you’re looking for based on where you’re at in pregnancy.

What if my due date is in only a few weeks (or less!)?

Check out the Nest Smart Nesting Planner or the Birth Smart Nesting Planner. Both of these are geared for late second, and third trimester mamas. You’ll be able to effortlessly accomplish everything you need to before birth, fast!

Will I actually use everything in the planner?

Absolutely! And with the help of handy checklists and timelines, you’ll also know exactly when you should be accomplishing different tasks. 

Will this planner prepare for birth?

All three versions of The Nesting Planner will have you completely prepared for birth. In addition to a 5-page birth wishes worksheet, you’ll receive over 20 pages of additional content to help you organize logistics, prepare for visitors, plan labor and birth updates and more.

Will this planner educate me about childbirth?

Included in all three packages, you’ll receive worksheets to prepare you and your labor for birth and after birth. The 5-page birth wishes worksheet includes a variety of pain-coping ideas and newborn care decisions you’ll need to make. While it can’t replace a childbirth class completely, it will most certainly educate you more than the average provider’s birth plan sheet.

Will this planner prepare my partner for birth and life with a newborn?

Yes! The Bump Smart Nesting Planner and Nest Smart Nesting Planner both include an entire section dedicated to this. You’ll enjoy 20+ pages to prepare your partner and relationship for birth and becoming new parents.

Should I keep a pregnancy journal in addition to this planner?

If you opt for the Bump Smart Nesting Planner or Nest Smart Nesting Planner, then definitely not! As a bonus, you’ll receive Weekly Update journal pages, milestone sheets, letter prompts to your growing baby and other fun activities. These are from our free email course and for your convenience, we have included them in the nesting planner for easy downloading.  Not only will you be completely prepared and organized, but you’ll be left with a beautiful pregnancy keepsake too.

Does this planner support and prepare me for breastfeeding?

Yes! All three versions of The Nest Smart Planner include a bonus copy of our exclusive Nurse Smart Breastfeeding Handbook.


As two mamas, we both had our own unique experiences and challenges but discovered that we both succeeded using the same core set of proven knowledge.

Our advice for expectant mothers has been featured on go-to websites for moms, like Motherly.

When not blogging, you will find us with our babies at the library or playground.

-Trina and Alli 

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