Birth smart Free email course designed for expecting mamas as a way to prepare for birth

Start Birth Smart to find out what you want your birth experience to be like!

A Free Email Course


First, let us give you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS <3 you are entering such an incredible time in life. With this free email course, we will show you exactly how to decide what birth is right for you and prepare your unique toolbox for baby's big day. Confidently enter motherhood as a pro! Preparing doesn't have to be hard, you just have to have smart solutions.

Here is a quick outline of what each email will contain:

  • free detailed Hospital Tour Packet from our Nesting Planner 
  • questionnaires to help you decide if natural, epidural or other pain managements are right for you
  • how to include your other half in the birth process that is right for you
  • resources and links to help you prepare for birth and find your perfect birth class

Also add your due date if you'd like to be automatically enrolled in our free Bump Smart weekly email series. Due date format (yyyy/mm/dd)

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